Terms & Conditions

What is included in the price for most of our sites?

New Websites (General)


  1. Website design and build to match your logo and colour schemes;

  2. All content you send – text and personal images and video required;

  3. Royalty-free images (Wix) required for the enhancement of the design;

  4. Wix Contact form;

  5. Edited Mobile Version;

  6. Wix basic page SEO titles and descriptions;

  7. Full copyright is transferred from the designer to you at completion of the project.



Connection to your domain name: price between $150 - $300 (depending on the complexity of your email configuration).  I can let you know an exact price once I know more about your domain name host and email connections that you are using.


Website and domain name hosting is extra and between you and Wix and your domain name host.  We can advise you as to the best Wix Business Plan for your online needs.  You need to consider using Wix Ascend at an additional monthly cost for the most effective email marketing processing which I highly recommend.


Ongoing maintenance: I specialise in making my clients 100% self-sufficient should they choose and therefore offer coaching packages to assist in teaching you and/or your staff how to use the Wix editor and make small updates yourselves.


Ad Hoc advice and updates:  We have a Short-Pass ticket for questions and small updates after you have taken over your completed site.  These start at $75 per hour, so you will never have to wait for support tickets for assistance with your site.


Regular update and maintenance services:  If you would rather us do all your ongoing updates then we are able to negotiate a monthly program to suit both your requirements and budget.


What the client needs to provide:


Content is a term that covers the text, images, logo and all other required information for your website.

Edited text:  This refers to the words you use to describe your business, what you do, who you are, what your aim is, specials you offer, descriptions of your goods, services and on and on.  The prices quoted are usually for a site where you provide the edited text for each section and page of your site.  If you need someone to write the "copy" for your site you then need to let us know this as this is always an extra charge.  So is editing the text you supply.  This is where you might supply the text but you want us to check the grammar and spelling of that text.

Images you want to use from your computer:  This is where you have specialized photos or photos of your venue, yourself, your team etc.  You should use JPEG images  500mb or higher in size for each image where possible.  This will enhance load time of your website once completed.  The better quality photo, the better your site will look.

File sharing:  We do not use Dropbox or either file sharing apps like MS teams etc.  If you have large files to send or lots of photos, you need to send only what you need.  Do not send 100 photos for example, and then say pick the best 10.  This will incur extra charges if required and you should mention this prior to the final price being agreed.

If you make changes to the site while we are working on it:  We ask that you do not access or use your site editor while we are working on your site.  If you make changes or require us to repair mistakes you might have made, extra charges will apply.